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Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash and all major credit cards.
Do you take walk-in appointments?
Yes, we do take walk-ins at this time. However, an appointment is always recommended to ensure that you receive the service requested time you would like.
How much should I tip?
Tipping at a salon is typically handled as you would tip for service at a restaurant. Normally, 10-20% of the total service is appropriate depending on how you feel the quality of the service you received was.
What if I am late for my appointment?
If you expect to be 5-10 minutes late for a scheduled appointment, a phone call to alert us if very much appreciated. Guests that arrive more than 15 minutes past their scheduled appointment time will be asked to re-schedule. Please keep in mind that there are guests that have scheduled appointments after you, and if you are late it jeopardizes not only your service provider's schedule, but also the guests who have appointments scheduled after you.
Do you offer spa packages?
We do not have set Spa Packages. If you like to customize a spa package we will be happy to help you find the perfect combination to suit your needs.
What does your logo mean?
Even though our logo appears to be a swan, it is actually a Japanese Kanji symbol meaning "Heart, Mind, & Spirit". We at Robert Kelly Spa Salon are whole heartedly devoted to helping our clients achieve balance and harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.
Who is Robert Kelly?
The name "Robert Kelly" is actually a combination of our two names. Robert and Kelly, the husband and wife team who opened the salon. Robert, or "Bobby" is a Massage Therapist, Nail Care Specialist, and Hairdresser. Bobby has been in the business since 1997. Kelly is also a Massage Therapist and Cosmetologist. Kelly has been in the business since 2002.
Do you offer services for children?
We do not offer services for children under 12. Most importantly, we have worked very hard to create a tranquil and relaxing environment for our guests. We want our guests to have a place to relax without having to worry about taking care of their children while they are visiting the spa/salon. We suggest that our guests arrange for child care prior to visiting us so that they can fully enjoy their experience and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Should I shampoo my hair before having it colored or getting an up do?
No. Shampooing the hair strips away its natural oils. When adding color or and up do, the natural oils in the hair give it better holding properties and make it easier to work with.
I have had my hair color done at another Aveda salon, can you get my color formula?
We will be happy to get your color formula from another Aveda salon if you can provide us with the name of the salon. If we are unable to obtain your color formula, our color experts will do their best to match your current color.
How long should I let my hair grow before waxing?
For best results, hair should be 1/4 of an inch in length.
I'm getting married soon, when should I have my waxing done?
In order to avoid any redness or irritation that might occur after waxing, we suggest that you have your waxing done 3-5 days before your ceremony.
Will my skin break out after a facial?
Break-outs after a facial are common but do not always occur. Skin will occasionally break out because having a facial removes oil and debris from the skin, bring up impurities to the surface.
Your service provider will ask you questions prior to your facial should you have any sensitivity issues or allergies.
I've never had a massage, what should I expect?
Upon arriving for your massage appointment your service provider will have you fill out a form that asks you questions about your general health, sensitive areas, or specific muscular issues you are experiencing. Your massage therapist will explain the process to you and will make every effort to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed.
What clothes should I keep on for a massage?
Naturally, we want you to be comfortable for your massage. Our therapists prefer for you to be totally unclothed during your massage. This allows them to manipulate your muscles properly, and you to receive the maximum benefit from your massage. Please be assured that you will be covered at all times during your massage, only the specific area being massaged at the time is undraped. Your privacy is our utmost concern.
I just had a massage and now I am really sore, why?
Muscles hold onto toxins in the body due to stress or injury. When you receive a massage, those toxins are released from your muscles. It is very important to drink a glass or two of water after receiving a massage. Drinking water will help your body release those toxins, and your muscles recover.
Can I get a massage if I am pregnant?
Yes! Our therapists are trained in prenatal massage, but a doctors approval is always advisable. Please notify your therapist prior to receiving a massage if you are pregnant but not yet showing.
How often should I get a massage?
Your therapist will advise you on how often you should be receiving a massage if you are experiencing specific issues with pain. We suggest that guests get a massage once a month for overall health and well-being.
For other questions or concerns
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